Scholler Ice Cream (Froneri)

ul. Wojska Polskiego 3, 39-300 Mielec

Froneri is on a remarkable quest, which started in 1932 when Roncadin was formed. The long and successful consolidation journey was launched in 2006 with the creation of R&R, creating a global leader in private label, which was founded on a relentless pursuit of operational excellence and a deep knowledge of the ice cream industry.

The next phase commenced in 2016, when R&R and Nestlé combined forces, culminating in the formation of Froneri. With the addition of Nestlé's unique brand portfolio and brand know-how, a pureplay ice cream company was created, strong in both the retail and out-of-home channels with a comprehensive suite of brands. This combination allowed Froneri to fill an entire freezer with its diverse product offerings.

Froneri developed a truly unique business model based on a culture of excellence, with a passion for ice cream. Froneri today is an agile organization, with simple and efficient processes, and a great cadre of people who are encouraged to drive growth in a profitable manner. Our people are proud to be part of Froneri’s success story.

Froneri’s vision is to Build the World’s Best Ice Cream Company. We will grow organically, ahead of the sector, and drive profitability and cash generation to become best-in-class. Acquisitions will remain an important growth driver in the coming years and will enhance our scale and deliver synergies.

Ibrahim Najafi
Chief Executive Officer