Via Sirtori 50, 20017 Passirana di Rho – MI – Italy

Made with love

Every Bussy wafer contains a love story that has lasted more than 50 years; a story made up of passion, commitment, courage and determination. Knowledge handed down from father to daughter is at the foundation of this dynamic company that today exports all over the world; a story made up of the search for ingredients, product design, flexibility and listening to the client. A unique story made up first and foremost of love for simple, genuine things, love for an ancient vocation which is first and foremost an art to be kept alive: done with love, craftsmanship and respect. Three ingredients that are never missing from Bussy wafers.

Made in Italy

Bussy is 100% produced in Italy. Constant research into select ingredients and elevated quality standards, are at the basis of the company’s philosophy that values Italian suppliers for the raw ingredients of its wafer products. The secret to the Bussy wafer is encompassed in a consolidated know-how and the choice of simple, certified ingredients which are processed and made up by expert hands in the facility near Milan to then be shipped to ice cream shops and cake bakeries all around the world, contributing to strengthening Italy’s exports and national brand; a distinctive mark of its approach, Italian thinking and working with knowledge, mastery and appreciation for beauty.

Clean label

Bussy has always certified the quality of its all-natural products. The company is constantly committed to research and development in order to offer its clients an excellent, safe and competitive product. Only select ingredients are used to make its wafer biscuits and cannolis, all Bussy products are free from palm oil, OGMs and hydrogenated oils. The aromas and colourings used are natural in origin to offer a unique, unmistakable product with an unrivalled crunch.